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Campuswide Signage Plan

The College hired a consultant, Cloud Gehshan Associates (CGA) to assist in developing a campus wide signage implementation plan.   The objectives of the plan are to provide signage and wayfinding for visitors to the campus, typically for a specific event; as well as signage and wayfinding for students, faculty and staff.  The plan builds on information provided by the Access & Mobility Study, which the College undertook with the assistance of the Department of Transportation, Baker, and Toole Design Group.

Several types of signage are needed,  including campus entrance signage, building signage, event signage, road and parking signage, accessible entrance and wayfinding signage, directional signage and information kiosks.  The implementation of the signage plan is expected to be phased over many years.


Signage Report:  

Ch. 1 Introduction

CH 3 System Logic

CH 4 Sign System Recommendations

Ch 5 Policy Recommendations

Ch 6 Non-Sign Elements

Ch 7 Matrix of Sign Types

Ch 8 Sample Journeys

Ch 10 Identity Standards

Ch 11 Schematic Design Part 1

Ch 11 Schematic Design Part 2

Ch 12 Schematic Sketchbook